About UFT

Container Ships

We are specialists in providing professional sales, service and consulting to our principals so as to expand their market share in all open markets across the globe. In addition we attempt to learn all aspects of the manufacturing capabilities of the firms we represent so we can further grow these capabilities in potential non-traditional markets. Currently we are selling full container loads of lumber to Asia, and full containers of dowels and related items to the United States. We have also established a warehouse facility in Ohio that services less than container loads to other OEM’s and distributors as well.

I personally have over 22 years of wood products industry experience with a focus in sales and market analysis. I have a degree in Forestry Management with a concentration in forest products utilization from the University of Maine, extensive manufacturing background, understanding of FSC policy and procedures along with training in LEAN manufacturing.

Please contact us today with your requirements. We look forward to being of service to you.